Imagine not having the staples needed to cook for your family. Not the meal, but the staples needed to cook the meal.

What if each morning, you left your home with one goal: to make enough money that day to put dinner on the table that evening? And then think, if that’s a struggle, how will you pay for the other basic needs like clothing and shelter? And where do school uniforms and books play into this equation? They typically don’t.


Our students’ caregivers make a sacrifice when they enroll their girls in Training for Tomorrow, our life skills curriculum. It’s held after-school and on weekends, when a teenage girl could be of great value to a household. During these hours she could take on a job to help bring in extra money for the home. In her own home, she could be cleaning, washing clothes or watching after the younger children.

We have so much respect for our girls’ caregivers who see the value in education and who are sacrificing themselves, to ensure their girls have an opportunity. For these reasons, we take special occasions to show our thanks throughout the year.

We recently invited 100 caregivers to our training center for a coffee ceremony and short presentation to update them on their students’ great work and progress. We then gifted each family with a staple used in most Ethiopian meals, cooking oil. Each gift will last a household of 5-6 approximately two months.

A small token of thanks was received with surprise, smiles and much gratitude.

#conservelife #LetGirlsLearn #EmpowerGirls #BeBoldForChange

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