Follow up: Production is underway!

This October, in celebration of International Day of the Girl, Studio Samuel students will travel by bus and deliver menstrual kits to 250+ neighboring peers. Their goal is to raise awareness for girls’ education and healthcare by keeping girls in school who are at risk of dropping out due to menstruation.

Pictured: Students during OT class. The (very) strong shop assistant preparing to carry one, of three, machines to our waiting taxi

You may ask, ‘What’s a menstrual kit and why the need?’. A kit is a small, nondescript bag containing reusable, washable feminine hygiene supplies. It gives no indication to the outsider that a girl carrying it is menstruating (key, due to the stigma associated with menstruation in some parts of the world).

School enrollment drops significantly for girls when moving from primary school to secondary school and a big reason is because families cannot afford feminine hygiene supplies. Women miss work. Girls miss school. Once a student misses 20 days, they must leave.

Keeping girls in school has become a strong initiative in Studio Samuel’s Occupational Training curriculum. Three new sewing machines have been added to our classroom. (Thank you The White Feather Foundation!!!) In class, girls learn basic sewing skills by making these kits which empower another girl through education and healthcare. And our student’s self-esteem is boosted just a bit too. 😉

Empowerment Without Pity

2 thoughts on “Keeping 250 More Girls in School

  1. Are these menstrual kits available in India? Bobakarain? I have a friend who runs an orphanage there and they are unable to provide underwear or any kind of feminine hygiene products for the females. These would be life changing. How would I go about giving her name and address so the orphanage could receive this?


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