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workshop_1_orig.jpgLast summer, a photographer visited our training center, spotted a handful of gently used tablets at the girls makeshift computer station and opened a conversation that would forever change our life skills program, Training for Tomorrow. She suggested that Studio Samuel students participate in Africa Code Week– a computer programming event targeting youth across the continent.

Our girls were not yet computer literate, many never laying hands on a computer a month prior to this conversation. The challenges were obvious, but the opportunities greater if we could make this happen for our girls.

That was October 2015. The girls exceeded everyone’s expectations, including an IT professor from a local university volunteering with our group who claimed, “You have future software engineers in this class, if you can keep the program moving forward. I’m very impressed by their progress.” Momentum grew and we began expanding computer stations.

Today, in thanks to GO Campaign, our girls will soon be studying in a fully equipped, free standing, secure computer lab fitted with 18 work stations, internet, digital projector, overhead lighting and an instructor’s table. We’ll move from 3-5 girls per computer to a 1:1 ratio per class.


We’re excited to be entering Africa Code Week only one year later with girls versed in gaming, app creations and beginner JavaScript. In addition to offering training for 21st century job opportunities in coding, the lab also brings a plethora of information previously not accessible to our students. From prepping for their national exams to researching how to increase production in their family’s crops, more information will help bridge the digital divide in Africa.

Working on the frame

Why Tech? … a sustainable future

  • 65% of current students will be employed in jobs that don’t exist yet (US Dept of Labor)
  • Developing countries become part of this global community
  • Jobs for girls within their own community, eliminating the need to work abroad in potentially unsafe conditions
  • A viable means to sustainably break one’s poverty cycle

Studio Samuel’s vision is a world without barriers to education and healthcare for girls and is implemented through the mantra, Empowerment without Pity.  Many, many thanks to all who make our work possible! Stay tuned for more updates to follow.

Want to get involved? Click here.

With gratitude,
The Studio Samuel Team

@GOCampaign #LetGirlsLearn #EmpowermentWithoutPity


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