6mos3aSix months ago, Studio Samuel received our first grant. It was from The White Feather Foundation and has forever changed the scope of our organization and the girls in our program. 94% of girls saw improvement in their behavior and/or academic performance within the first six months of entering Training for Tomorrow, our life skills program.

The four barriers most faced by our students are child marriage, trafficking, child labor and lack of access to education. By targeting these areas through proper counseling, training and alongside the community, more girls (75%) are expected to stay in school.  We’re seeing an incredible shift, when comparing the girls’ current progress with their intake files upon entering the program.


Impact has also reached beyond our training center. 12 jobs were created in a community living in poverty, offering further opportunity to break one’s poverty cycle with dignity.

Further highlights include…

  • 100+ girls staying in school during their period
  • Computer lab launches with MIT & Google curriculum
  • 100% of students complete HIV program
  • 97% success rate against child marriage & trafficking

6mos2aThe support of The White Feather Foundation has allowed our local team to lay the groundwork for Training for Tomorrow over these last six months. This work has opened further doors, built great trust within the community and created a waiting list of over 100 girls wanting to join the program. Our work is cut out for us and we’re ready!

With much gratitude to all who have supported and a special thank you to Julian Lennon for the incredible impact you make in this world.
~ The Studio Samuel Team


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