We’re on our way to raising $10,000 for our Empowering Girls through Code campaign.  As a thank you for your $2,500 donation, we offer Portrait of a Girl, an original John Delaney photograph of one of the girls in our Training for Tomorrow program. For your $1,000 donation, you have a choice among five 11”x14” prints of John’s portraits.

Award-winning fine-art photographer John Delaney spent 2897214.jpegtwo weeks in Addis Ababa, where he shot breathtaking individual portraits of our girls at the center. His photographs are mounted on a raw paper and burlap background and trimmed with sourced melted artillery beads.

4187606.jpgJulian Lennon, founder of The White Feather Foundation and Studio Samuel Advisor, personally wrote a line of lyrics from his heartwarming song Invisible on the left side, mirrored by the same message—“Know that love surrounds you. It’s Invisible”— written in Amharic on the opposite side of this 31”x38” work of art.

A graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology, John worked with Richard Avedon for 15 years and now runs his own black-and-white fine-art printing lab in New York City. Among his clients have been some of his biggest influences: Irving Penn and Bruce Davidson. Like Penn, John travels with a large format wood view camera and a portable studio tent. “The goal is to create a portrait that reveals something beneath the obvious: a sense of grace, nobility, or humanity,” he says.

This is just one of the 35 girls in our program today. There are 100+ more girls on the Training for Tomorrow wait list…

Get involved today.

–by Lorraine Shea

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