NYCRuns: The 5K Squirrel Stampede

‘No, it’s not too late and every action counts. If we raise enough for one sewing machine, it’s a success.’


So true.

This was Sarah’s reply when I saw, only three weeks out, that NYCRuns was holding a 5K and I wondered if we should participate. When I say we, I mean Sarah. (Our board members wear many hats, bringing a variety of talents to the team. Sarah is the runner.)4277734.jpg

This is why I love our team. It’s this attitude and passion for the work we do that has pushed us so far in only three years. More importantly, is that this vision of  ‘every action counts’ mirrors that of Training for Tomorrow.  Through TFT’s life skills curriculum, our girls are learning the effect of their actions. They’re understanding that by taking certain steps, they can break their cycle of poverty. When they see Sarah acting on their behalf to raise awareness for the program, it comes full circle that we’re all in this together and every action really does count.

The girls will soon have one more sewing machine and we’ve taken another step in reaching our 1Hundred Girls Impact Plan goals.

Do you want to get involved and don’t know how? Send us a message and we’ll put your talents to work too.  😉

Selamun Yabzalachihu,
Founder, Studio Samuel


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