7406638_orig.jpgFor the Conservation of Lifethe mission of an organization celebrating World Humanitarian Day every day. The White Feather Foundation continues to play a pivotal role in our work and we are so very grateful.

On this 12th World Humanitarian Day, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon reminds the international community,  “each one of us can make a difference” and “create a more humane world.”  The White Feather Foundation echoes this in all they do. They give a big, big voice to organizations like Studio Samuel, creating empowerment and opportunity at the grassroots level.

The White Feather Foundation recently collaborated with Studio Samuel’s life skills program, Training for Tomorrow. This support allows us to target key areas that impact our girls immediately, as well as long term. Breaking the poverty cycle, one girl at a time – with dignity.

One specific example is the immediate success seen through our healthcare/exercise initiative, karate. The girls’ self-esteem has increased dramatically from the introduction of martial arts and many have seen a boost in their school performance. There is also an added value of self-defense skills, vital to a young girl living in a climate of gender inequality.

From mentoring, counseling, community presentations, occupational training and more, girls are learning (and welcoming) the strength of their voice. It’s the very core of humanitarian work…a girl knows she matters.

6242397.jpgThank you, The White Feather Foundation, for believing in grassroots organizations and for offering us the opportunity to focus on true impact within our community. And with much gratitude to your founder, Mr. Julian Lennon, one of the truest humanitarian spirits of them all!



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