The first eight girls sit down with Studio Samuel board member, Jamel Stout, navigating their way around a laptop for the first time.

Training for Tomorrow (Studio Samuel’s life skills curriculum) introduces its first tech program with the hopes of bringing measurable change to the community. Coding class will accommodate 25 girls between the ages of nine and 18 during this soft launch period, priming them for formal education and future opportunity. Its goal is to break through social barriers and provide this small, high-poverty sub-city (a corner within the capital city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) with a generation of female role models.

Coding will introduce tech to each girl coming through Training for Tomorrow. By offering hands-on IT experience, she’s armed with the value of one more employable skill. Each will not select tech as a career, but the experience will be invaluable, likely offering a career in some form – as opposed to a ‘job’ or worse yet, remaining to live below the poverty line. As the team negotiates with community leaders and plugs away at potential scholarship programs, the future becomes much brighter for the next generation of students and their community.

Girls are currently working on gently-used laptops, donated from our dedicated supporters who made this soft-launch possible. The lab officially opened last month when our US team was visiting the training center. It was well received with much excitement from the girls, a round of applause from the women in the community and much appreciation from local officials. Again, nothing would be possible without YOUR strong support!

Looking forward to what lies ahead! 😉

Selamun Yabzalachihu,


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