“Working with Studio Samuel and its Training for Tomorrow program gives me the opportunity to give back in my own community, and to be a role model for girls in Ethiopia, empowering young women to believe in themselves and their dreams.”      ~ Betty G, Singer

Betty preforms at Studio Samuels first fundraiser in Brooklyn, NY, while in the US recording her album. (Shown wearing a Studio Samuel fair trade custom dress & sash) 

Betty has been a friend of ours for quite some time and we’re excited to announce she recently accepted the role of Global Ambassador. She’s a pop-star in Ethiopia and looked up to by young girls everywhere. With her latest album out, imagine our surprise as our team pulled out of the airport to see a Times Square size billboard of our friend! We’re so proud of her hard work.

Upon accepting her new role with Studio Samuel, she used her voicethat evening during a satellite radio show to begin sharing her Studio Samuel stories, emphasizing the reasons more people need to get involved. Her genuine compassion rings true with so many and is even more apparent when seeing her in action.

Betty is another voice to lend advice, another ear to listen, an adult bringing an open mind and most importantly, she was also once a young girl growing up in Ethiopia who can relate to everything from life to school to boys. (yes, boys!) She’s becoming a very special mentor to our girls.

Betty has jumped into her new role by using her voice to raise awareness and also being hands-on in Studio Samuel’s annual International Day of the Girl initiative (October 2015). It’s extra special this year, incorporating various aspects of our life skills program, Training for Tomorrow, into real-life storytelling. In keeping with our mantra, Empowerment Without Pity, the girls will spotlight key issues they’ve faced while focusing on a solution that comes from within and standing on one’s own. These are issues all too common across the developing world. Through our girls’ stories and Betty’s involvement, we expect to further our reach in letting more girls living in a vulnerable situation know their voice and dreams truly matter.

Make YOUR voice count and help us raise awareness by following Studio Samuel updates and sharing with your friends! Every voice counts and can make a difference.

Selamun Yabzalachihu,

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