T8201581.jpghe process of discovering one’s self-awareness may uncover giggles, gasps and sometimes tears along the journey. How do you begin to recognize your strengths & weaknesses and have a clear perception of your emotions, when you only know a world that doesn’t value your voice?

We had the honor of Máiréad Delaney accompanying our team and spending time at our training center in Ethiopia last month. Máiréad is best known for her activism through art and has spent much time processing the effects of trauma on its victim.

She demonstrated this by holding an exercise for our girls that tapped into their imagination. Through her creative approach, she reached them from a different perspective that introduced new feelings and new conversations. This later carried over into their group counseling sessions. Her work is commendable. We look forward to her return and I know for a FACT, the girls feel the same. Welcome to our family, Máiréad!

Selamun Yabzalachihu,

In her words…

Working with the girls was such a tangible reminder that the liveliest and most human things can appear if we give the body and the imagination permission to move in new ways, to talk back at and transform pain or invisibility. Telling our stories is so powerful, especially in brightly colored chalk!

Mairead Delany’s passion is raising awareness for Symphysiotomy, a childbirth operation that effectively unhinges the pelvis. She has taken her message and art to The High Court of Ireland in support of its victims. Ireland is the only country in the world hat preforms this operation in preference to Caesarean section. Mairead is pursuing her MFA in Studio Art with a focus on Medical Violence Burren College of Art (Ireland).

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