A young girl sat patiently among the group of older women who came to our training center last month to meet our US team. Following the event, she cautiously approached us and we knew why she was there.

Our girls are typically assigned to us, based on their biggest needs and as determined by local officials. On occasion, a young girl will show up at our training center on her own. She may be from the countryside, likely relinquished from her family and making the solo journey on foot (for days) to the city. She may also be a girl who has been living on the streets or one about to make her way overseas to a house-servant job ‘opportunity’ and hears of our program.

Whatever her background, the common thread is lack of opportunity, little self-worth and most have lost hope. When you lose hope, nothing matters anymore. These are the toughest situations and require a different approach, one needing experts in the field of overcoming trauma and that’s exactly what they receive.

When a girl comes to us, she’s never turned away. Our social worker meets with her for the initial evaluation, followed by a full assessment and papers are submitted to the local officials for approval. She’s also enrolled at her local school, which is a requirement for all Training for Tomorrow students.

To note: the girl pictured here was sponsored immediately by a Studio Samuel volunteer seeing the process unfold. There are currently ten more girls being processed for enrollment, which is where we need you!

Want to get involved? Enroll a girl today or make a one time donation to Training for Tomorrow here.

Selamun Yabzalachihu,

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